Grand opening WenChao group - Yaoyi tea industry



        On September 3, 2016 in the afternoon, belonging to WenChao corp., is located in INDIGO WenChao group headquarters international city office of yao yi teahouse officially open to the public. Several Chinese guests were invited to participate in the dubai, yao yi tea tea tasting tea appreciation, the yao yi teahouse and yao yi showed a high brand recognition.

        Yaoyi teahouse of the overall design with Chinese traditional characteristics, combined with China's tea culture, with all Chinese annatto furniture, and Chinese traditional ornament, build a school belongs to the Chinese traditional refined beauty. Yao yi tea room is also equipped with a number of professional tea room service for visitors, the spirit tea culture and tea maker, is internal and external and repairing.


        Yaoyi teahouse purpose is to spread the Chinese tea culture in the Middle East, to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, and guide the public to choose a healthy lifestyle. WenChao group director Mr ChangSunJian province that Chinese tea has a long history, extensive and profound Chinese tea culture, represents the image of China's soft power, yao yi is not only the purpose of the tea export to overseas, is to bring the tea culture overseas, and make it forward.

        Mr Tsunami province kindness: "our team to the establishment of good brand and yao yi teahouse pay a lot of effort, also spent a lot of feelings, lasted a year before the final completion. Yao yi teahouse, I the most happy is my team and I finally got a decent room." In yao yi tea room, indoor "integrity WenChao" calligraphy hanging high in the prominent position, this is Mr Tsunami province business creed.


        Mr Tsunami province also said: "yao yi teahouse, anyone is welcome in the tea room open time here to free tea, do not need to make an appointment, no threshold, welcome visitors to come here, together with our professional tea room, tea and tea, tea, tea, exhibit in a foreign country to enjoy a traditional Chinese tea experience."
        WenChao group to wenzhou supermarket this brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the Middle East, gradually to expand, in 2012, spent heavily to build green farms in the desert, successfully grown fresh organic vegetables in China, have greatly enriched the united Arab emirates Chinese table. In 2015 to build WenChao WenChao mall online supporting system, self-built logistics, realize the first Chinese oriented large electricity business service system, the demand of the great Chinese going to dubai to buy Chinese goods. That same year, yao yi as the first tea brand WenChao group was born, the yao yi teahouse has become an important stronghold in the Middle East to carry forward the Chinese tea culture.
        Tea is also why intoxicate wine. In the prohibition of the islamic world, perhaps tea, is the best melancholy.