Emirates top chef team WenChao green farm



        Since WenChao green farm construction, has received numerous distinguished guests who were with the media, the consul general consulate in dubai, where top agricultural experts, government officials, business elite from all walks of life, China central television (CCTV) - 4 journalists, Beijing television reporters, wenzhou TV reporter, Xinhua News Agency, people reporter, endless. On December 9, for a group of distinguished guest - emirates top chef team!

        As is known to all, dubai has been is famous for its luxury local tyrants, and the united Arab emirates airlines but also the local tyrants fleet of aviation industry. Into the global fortune 500, 2015, 2016 world top 20 airlines list announced, the united Arab emirates airlines topped the throne! Even the meals on the plane is also the "five-star" level, for two consecutive years won the experts to choose a best airline meal. Or wipe on wild Iran's Russian caviar and sour cream pancakes, or sheep mashed potatoes, gravy with grilled seasonal vegetables and cream every dishes not only pay attention to the delicate and beautiful of plate, pay more attention to the nutrition and health of a match. Is the creation of the classic cuisine emirates top chef, came to the WenChao green farm.

        At nine o 'clock in the morning, a special coach pulled into the emirates WenChao green farm. In neat uniform coveralls chefs, in turn, get off, emirates chef team representatives de-bao wang chef xu li yong, green farm field and WenChao group vice President shook hands. After you get off the chefs have take chef special white top hat, began to follow the farm long visit. So simple a detail, let a person touched. Professional is sometimes don't need to use language to express.


        Look at the pieces of lush green vegetables and chefs, seriously listen to xu and introduces the interpretation of field. With picking a Shanghai green, fresh and tender green leaves are so tempting. "We grow Shanghai green need fifty days back and forth from sowing to harvesting, plus side enough sunshine, pure water, so the quality is very good!"
        We are good company purchasing department purchasing ingredients in the kitchen, the saw long so full of fresh vegetables, chefs is very curious, how can grow in the desert so superior ingredients? Xu long answered them confusion, "the growth of vegetables is the most important is the soil and water, we are importing periphery sand soil, combined with animal manure mixed fermented for long, this is China from the wisdom of the impergium will come down. Water is from the depth of 130 meters underground Wells, absolutely pure natural, directly drinkable." Said xu long field Wells with both hands, showing a full face of joy.

        Shanghai qing, came to a small white pass. Accompanying foreign chefs don't know, long xu said this is a Chinese cabbage, translated into English is Chinese cabbage. Another foreign chefs are pointing to another vegetable ask, what is? Xu long garden chrysanthemum, checked the English dictionary also didn't find out? Simply call it "tonghao"!


        Green farm planted about 30-40 kinds of vegetable varieties, there are many vegetables emirates cooks completely have not seen, not even the ready-made English name. My visit green farm, is really a big open horizon, overturns the emirates cooks the cognition of the ingredients!
        Visited the green farm phase ii, xu long lead they came to the farm and a period full of vitality, magnificent sight surprised by them.
        Out of the car is a slender tender eggplant, once again refresh their perception of eggplant, unbelievable. Can't wait to open the eggplant, taste the taste of the original, how to match, how to produce, how to spell it, how to produce, is full of artistic aesthetic feeling of food products has been floating in the mind! Step by step after visiting every piece of vegetables, each place greenhouses, afraid to miss a ingredients.
        Visited the green farm, every cook is very happy, whether it's the view of the farm or vegetable quality, for every chef left a deep impression, the green farm is given a high evaluation. Green farm to cook is not only a beautiful scenery, but also the source of food creation, love of farm ingredients once more.
        Visited the green farm, a line of people came to the famous Chinese supermarket again: wenzhou supermarket. In that supermarket, the manager and detailed introduces the supermarket every commodity. From the frozen food seasoning into the kitchen, from green vegetables to meat, seafood, from grain to leisure snacks, although is not very smooth communication, but see these ingredients have the feeling of deja vu.
        Believe in wenzhou supermarket, green farm can bring infinite to emirates chef team play space and endless inspiration!